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Divorce Affair

"I don't have a problem with my husband cheating on me" -Ohemaa Woyeje.

Ohemaa Woyeje, the host of the mid-morning drive of Angel FM has made some powerful submissions while speaking in an interview with SammmyKay Media. She is very well known for speaking her mind on certain societal issues that she thinks needs to be addressed.

Adjoa Rasta as she is popularly referred to as spoke her mind concerning the issue of cheating husbands. According to her, she has no problem if her husband decides to cheat on her provided he is able to satisfy her in bed when the need arises.

"I dont have a problem if he thinks he has so much energy to be going around and sharing it.Why should somebody's satisfaction be a headache to me? If women understand this, they won't have a problem when their husbands cheat on them" the award-winning mother of one said.

Speaking on the issue that, the media is not pressuring the government enough to do the right thing, she said it is true that that some personalities in the media have set their minds to go after money even if if puts the lives of other people in danger. But for some of them, it is the passion and love for the country that drives them to do what they do and nothing can take that away from them.

Guys, what do you think about what Ohemaa Woyeje, a.k.a Adjoa Rasta said? Comments down below and don't forget to like ,subscribe and share for more.

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