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5 Things A Woman Really Expects From A Man

OK, I admit, we are complicated. that's it, it is said. On the other hand, you also have your role to play in all situations. Here is are 5 things that a woman really expects from you. You will see, if you read this article, your life will be changed for the better and your girlfriend will be shouting hallelujah every day, at least very often! Here are without further ado, the 5 things that I would invite you to improve if you haven't already, because your blonde really wants you to make an effort, I'm sure. Don't worry, we're complicated and imperfect too.

1) Have initiative

One of the essential points to make a woman feel good and to make you feel good too. When you have the initiative, you feel taken care of and in addition you find that you are the best buddies in the world! ;) We recognize you very much this superb quality. You can have initiative as much by giving us surprises as when you take the first steps by coming to talk to us at a party! This point clearly meets our 2 needs, that of being the leader for you and that of being noticed for us.

2) Have a certain ease in making decisions

We like it when you are able to make choices. As much for small decisions as for big ones. Women often feel like when you decide you're a lot like the alpha male! Be careful here, always consult your wife before, because making a decision without speaking to her could lead to a nice unwanted castration. ;) Think about the famous "home staging" of your house. Small banal example, but one which can wreak havoc… do not especially buy a sofa without consulting your girlfriend, because it would be like ruining her impulse of creation and these talents (not very good) of interior decorators. In short, be the guy who makes the decisions without always taking them alone, so without the advice of your little wife.

3) Just be there

Before, men were often associated with work and women with children. Although today times have changed and it is not the same reality at all, there is still a fear that you will go. Your presence is always comforting and safe for us. We feel better by your side. You have to take into consideration that when I speak of presence, I speak as much for the children (if you have any), as for the emotional investment in the couple, as for us.

4) Give her good sex

Clearly one of the most important items on the list! As we often say, a couple without sex is no longer really a couple… This is one of the main foundations of a good relationship, because it allows for physical as well as emotional connections. On the other hand, making love is a two person dance. It's not your fault if the sex doesn't live up to your expectations, so don't put the pressure on yourself.

5) Listen to her

In order for you to understand correctly, a woman wants to feel that she is listening even when she is not speaking. So don't push yourself when she's talking and don't put your head underwater either. Women can say things fast, so I would invite you to ask questions to better understand what they mean. Hey yes, some really uncool real examples! If you do this, you will notice a change in your girlfriend's attitude, as she will be exceedingly happy to feel listened to and respected.

Be careful, no one is perfect, but working on these few points will make you the best in the world in the eyes of your wife. Although I'm sure, she already considers you the best.

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