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Video: lady lands in trouble after slapping her proposing boyfriend out of joy in public

Man shockingly stop proposing to his beautiful girlfriend at shopping mall after the girlfriend slapped him out of joy.

In a huge shopping mall filled with people, a well dressed black man received applauds all over the place after he brought out a ring to propose to his girlfriend, unfortunately for the young lovers things turned out bad after one single slap.

In a quick circulating video sighted online sees an african man angrily stepping up from his knees with a ring after his beautiful girlfriend slapped him out of joy in the middle of proposing.

The young man angrily stood up from his knees and quickly walked through the people despite all pleading and effort by the girlfriend to stop him from going.

The video has received so many reactions after surfacing online as many people descend on the lady for slapping the guy out of joy while others stood by the girl and descended on the guy for leaving the girl behind.

Quickly watch the video below.

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