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Is this a marriage proposal list or a business prospectus.

Marriage is one of life's most important decisions, and we must proceed with caution while going into it. One can get married and be happy for the rest of one's life, or one might get married and regret it for the rest of one's life.

Marriage has its own set of difficulties, from planning to fitting in with your partner. When it comes to preparation, each country has its unique customs and methods for preparing both partners for the marriage journey. 

When it comes to preparation in Ghana, males are the ones who are left with a lot of responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is the "marriage proposal list" that the lady's family offers to the guy in order to prepare them before the lady is allowed to marry the man. This list, according to custom, contains items and money that the lady's parents require from the man, and it represents the man's gratitude to the lady's parents for taking such good care of their daughter.

A marriage proposal list that appeared on the internet, this list includes some intriguing goods as well as a substantial chunk of money that the man must contribute before to the wedding.

The list is divided into two sections: one for the parents and another for the bride.

150 bags of cement, 50 tons of iron rods, and other stuff are among them.

Aside from the products, the man is also obliged to pay a certain amount of money and this includes 500 cedis for knocking fee, 5000 cedis for bridal fee, 2000 cedis for brother in-law fee etc.

This made people saying if the man is to spend all these amounts for only the marriage then what will be left for them to cater for themselves. And let's assume the man borrows money for only this marriage then the rest of their lives is going to be hard for them. People are questioning if the woman is going to be sold to the man or it is just for marriage sake.

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