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Unforgivable secrets you should never keep from your partner

The rules of communication and honesty in relationships ensure that there are some unforgivable things that you should never hide from your boyfriend or girlfriend.

To excel in your relationship, you just need to be as open and honest as possible.

The level of openness that is acceptable in a relationship is, of course, debatable, because some things make sense.

Openness is key in any relationship, especially in a fundamental and important aspect of each other's lives.

Openness is largely not to be underestimated and there are things in your relationship with your boyfriend or husband/wife that you need to tell them about.

And these are:

1. Your expectations

He had to know from the start what he was getting into.

The mistake that most people make is to assume that sensitivity equals mind readers.

No human being is sensitive to what he does not know. Of course, there are common things in a relationship that are expected of everyone in a relationship, but again, if you have a certain preferred way of doing things, say, for example, you should tell him that – and much earlier. in relationship!

2. Children from previous relationships

First, it means you need to acknowledge that past relationship. Let your partner know how you are going in the dating and relationship game.

You also can't hide whether you have children from a previous relationship. Even if the children are not with you or you are not in a relationship with them, your partner needs to know.

3. Genotype and medical history

Unless you're HIV positive or living with sickle cell disease, your medical information isn't something you'll share right away, but ultimately you should; especially when the relationship is getting serious and you feel that your boyfriend wants to take things to the next level.

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