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Your emotions wouldn’t be hurt if you get to know the kind of mind games he plays

The damage that mind games being played by men, is very alarming. You would love to understand how and why but all you get is a severe headache. Some are just experts in doing what they love to do. There can be something done about it, if you notice the signs early. 

I bring to you all, some kind of mind games your partner plays on you. 

1. He wants you to compromise but wouldn’t do the same:

Compromises are very essential when it comes to a successful relationship. It has to be mutually understood by both couples, before taking another step. Some people overlook this and turn a blind eye, which shouldn’t be so. Both of you must be on the same level when it comes to compromise. It is a 50/50 situation and when the other tries to default, the mind games start. They have these sweet words to get you to forget, about how they weren’t there for you.

2. Flirts with other girls and says that’s his nature:

Some boys love to own up to the saying “all boys are the same”. They don’t like to even say otherwise. Every girl that passes them by, they must associate themselves with them, although you might be present. There is absolutely nothing wrong if he talks to other females but the body gestures do not lie. They make flirting so obvious that they don’t care about how you feel. The most essential part of a relationship is respect. When that defaults then you should have a rethink. Don’t let any man play mind games with you all in the name of “that’s how I am and you have to deal with it”.

3. He compares you to other girls:

Before he came up to you, to be his girlfriend, he had no problem with you. As time passes by, the moment he tells you to dress like other girls, then you must know something is off. Some can even go to the extent of saying that “if you truly love me, then dress this way for me”. One thing you must have in mind is your comfort and never let anyone tell you otherwise. You always find yourself guessing where you stand in their lives, for the fact that they love to put you down more than once.

Now you can be alert and your eyes wide open. I hope these tips helps you someday. 

Thank you for reading.

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