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“I Caused My Own Brother To Have Sex With Me Numerous Times Because He Was Too Handsome”-Lady Shares

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God being the all merciful makes we human beings to have most of our sinful acts forgiven without your prior notice. We human’s know acts which are prohibited by the scriptures, our cultures and society but yet still we involve ourselves in them.

A lady has taken to social media a post in which she confessed her sinful act she has been indulging in with her blood brother as she seemed for help and advise from other users. She started by confessing how everything started and she claimed she is in shame and can not afford to make her identity known. She is six years older her brother in terms of age and her brother looks extremely handsome. This makes her jealous whenever she thinks about the fact that, a different lady will have her brother as her boyfriend or spouse or partner. She started thinking in a negative way in order to keep her own brother for herself. He looked very innocent as he declined her seduction tricks for the first time for which she came back strong the second time. She was able to get him turned on and that was all. They continued having an affair in the absence of their parents and now she has regretted that act of hers. She claimed her brother does not respect her and talks to her anyhow for which she started to regret her actions. After all this, her brother is in love with another lady. After confessing her sins, she pleaded with users to also help her in seeking for forgiveness, advise and also to find a new faith and bond with God.

This post of hers has indeed caught the reactions of many as some tried calming her down and gave out prices of advise to live the rest of her life with. What is your opinion about this story? Let your opinion be heard in the comments section below.

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