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5 signs you need to kick him to the curb immediately.

Hello lovely followers. Sorry it is been a while. As usual, kindly hit the follow button, for more of my articles. As you all know, my focus is on relationships. Do you really question the love you have for your partner? You all can testify to the fact that, I write captivating articles right? Below I have another, which we will be looking at 8 signs to look out for, and then kick him to the curb; meaning you do away with him. To be friends, that’s up to you to decide. 

Sometimes you can have the patience in the world, but if it still doesn’t work out know when to stop trying, especially if you caught him cheating.

He is controlling:

He needs to know that you are his partner and not some slave who has been sent to serve him, for him to be able to control your every movement. He can’t treat you anyhow because of the respect and love you have for him. It is never too late to leave him, get to understand what you want in life and then, certainly the right one will come your way.

He pays no heed to your hobbies and your goals:

A real man supports the ones he loves. He makes sure to cater for her needs and even if he can’t, gets to make her happy in other ways. If he makes fun of you, just know one thing, if you are made fun of that shouldn’t affect you to have allow self-esteem. Accept who you are and everything good in life will follow. Don’t settle for “are you still knitting, instead of going to school to become a doctor?” If that was what you love to do so much, he isn’t to tell you because you are very much aware of what you want. If knitting and singing is what your passion and calling, do that. Say No to negativity and pursue your dreams.

 He makes you go to him:

However you get to him, he doesn’t care. All he identifies is that you are on your way to his place. You find yourself finding ways and means to do as he says. That’s a big NO. If he really wants to be with you, he should show it and mean it. You need to question his commitment. Yes there might be a reason why he couldn’t come for you at your place but at least he needs to make sure you are very comfortable and above all safe. He can visit if it is really urgent, instead of always going there. However, if he doesn’t put much effort into your relationship and be better for you, confront him and know your stand. Don’t settle for less.

You don’t see a future together:

No matter how hard you try, you are unable to know how the future with him will be like. I know some of us aren’t psychics, but if you two don’t plan on your future plans or talk about what to expect, then you should leave him. It is very understandable that we might have our reasons to do, due to our previous experiences in our relationships, I get it. Imagine being together, watching a nice family movie, especially Christmas movies where the whole family comes together and celebrates it, isn’t that lovely? I am sure by then the atmosphere will be romantic, calm and cool.

You can’t trust him:

Before, he was your dream man and now, you realize that he has changed into a complete different person or the signs were never there. I read in a book that trust is like a glass, once broken cannot be restored. Even if does restore, it will take more time than you can ever imagine. When he starts to tell you lies, you will definitely know. From the first lie to the last, when you can no longer listen to them. In a healthy relationship, there is trust and if there isn’t one in yours; kindly show him the door. Under no circumstance, should you be in a relationship because you feel bad for breaking his heart. That’s normal but to be treated unfairly and be disrespected isn’t in any way a sign of love.

Please let me know your feedback, on this article and many more. Thanks for scrolling.  

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