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Husband and wife relationship

I Went For A Loan To Marry My Wife But She Left Me One Month After Our Wedding-Man Said

A man called Kwabena from Asonomaso has shared his sad story about how he went for a loan to marry his wife but she left him one month after their wedding. He said his first wife died about four years ago during delivery. His late wife's family members gave him the four children to take care of them.

He managed to take good care of them, about four 1 year ago, he found Akua Nyamesem at Siem, he told her what he was going through and even proposed to her. The lady sent him to her family members and they also accepted their relationship. After one of being in a relationship, the two of them made plans to get married. He went for a loan and they used it to buy all the necessary items they will need for their marriage ceremony.

They had a successful wedding but after the marriage on the same day, the lady told him she is not interested in the marriage again. He asked Akua why she is saying that but did not give him any good reason. That evening the lady did not sleep on the same bed with him, this continued for one week. She went to stay at a different house, Kwabena told her sister to advised her but when she came back she woke up early morning and left the house.

The man went to his in-laws house and told them about what was happening in their marriage. They told him they will advise the lady, Akua told her parents her husband is not having a Television or other things in the house and his room too is not nice so she can't stay with him again.

Kwabena also said he went for the loan because he wants to marry the woman so that she can take care of his children. His admitted that his room is small but he told her before they got married, he has even rented another room but she left him one after they got.

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