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"I Told My Girlfriend That I Would Not Marry More Than One Wife But She Did This To Me"- Man Reveals

Certain women become envious when they learn that their husbands can marry several wives. They attempt to persuade their husbands to see reasons why they should refrain from doing so. However, wealthy men may choose to marry multiple wives because they want the luxury of having more women that they can care for.

According to a man known as Eguakhide Emeka, his girlfriend often asks him if he will marry more than one wife because Edo men, according to her, choose to marry two or more wives. Additionally, the man claimed that he promised his girlfriend that he would marry only one wife, but she averted her gaze when he stated this.

The lady's gaze must have shifted away from the man in disbelief of what he was doing. Ladies dislike sharing their men with other ladies in order to avoid creating rivalry. Occasionally, the lady can have no say in the matter because they struggle to persuade their husbands not to marry additional wives.

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