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10 Signs It’s Time To End The Relationship

There may be telltale signs shouting "get out," but before you do, here's a checklist below. Compare them to what your relationship is like currently and make the choice of leaving or staying. There is bound to be conflict, but this shouldn't be the end of the relationship.

1. When you believe you are not destined for each other

Have you discovered that you are not meant for each other? Have you exhausted your lifelines? If so, it's time to call it quits.

2. When you're in an abusive relationship

It can relate to how they pamper you after a series of beatings and how they seem to be overly concerned after a fight. Are you tired of living in constant fear and emotional abuse? It's time to open yourself to new and better opportunities.

3. When you're unhappy

Are you needy or a nag? You could be unhappy, but it may not be caused by your mate but by your insecurity. When you don't agree on basic issues, it could pose a problem. Before you end your relationship, be sure that what's causing your unhappiness is caused by your partner; otherwise, after the breakup, you may feel worse.

4. When you can’t tell where the relationship is heading

Are you dating, or just friends? Don't allow emotions to make you start doing what you shouldn't be doing, even without defining what is being done. Not every relationship must end in marriage, but let your partner know the goal of your relationship. Beware of any man who cannot answer the question "where is this relationship going"?

5. When you can’t tell if your partner loves you

Love is an action word; it doesn't stop in speeches and long-endearing text messages. When your partner tells you he loves you, watch out for the action that accompanies that word. You should be able to know for sure if he or she professes love for you or not.

6. When you feel you don’t know your partner well enough

For some, it takes time to really get to know their mates, while for others, they seem to just click. Too many people know about their mates, but only a few really know them. If your man doesn't share his true self with you, it could be a sign he's not into you.

7. When you don't trust him

In a good relationship, you should feel at ease; no panicking, no thinking if your partner is with another person. If you find yourself constantly snooping around his phone or him having to excuse himself when with you to take a call, it could be a sign that it's time to bid him or her farewell.

8. When your partner does not respect you

Many think only men deserve some respect, as society puts it. But women need to be respected and loved too. Who enjoys being put down in public or being ignored? Respect has to be given in every aspect. You have to respect your partner's opinion.

9. When your love life becomes boring

There is a level of attraction and affection when people are in love. They will always want to touch, cuddle, or even kiss; it is a necessary ingredient to foster closeness. This shouldn't be the main attraction in a relationship, but it's key to making relationships work.

10. The relationship is a minus for you

If you feel like you are losing yourself to keep your mate, then you need to get out of your relationship. If the relationship is a disadvantage for you, it's time to end the relationship.

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