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Divorce Affair

A Woman Shares What Her Husband's Friend Did To Them After They Went To Sleep In His Room

A 38 years old woman called Afua Koma from Asokwa has given birth to two children with her husband named Benjamin Hayford. One day, her husband sent her to his friend known as Wisdom's house Asokwa, the man told her that his friend is travelling so they will sleep in his friend's room till he came back.

The woman continued that they had an affair in Wisdom's room but they were not aware that Wisdom set up a camera in the room which recorded their nude videos and pictures. One year later, Wisdom shares their nude videos to all her husband's friends at his workplace. The woman said her husband was not using the Android phone at that time so he didn't get access to those videos.

Benjamin recently bought an Android phone and one of his friends sent the nude video to him. The man told her that all his friends has been making fun of him because of the nude video. Her husband started accusing her of being in a relationship with Wisdom and also she connived with his friend to record them whilst they were having affair in his room.She explained to him that she doesn't know Wisdom until that day they went into his house.

She then invoked a curse on herself that she should die if she has ever had an affair with his friend. Afua said that they now have a misunderstanding due to what Wisdom did to them and has not been taking care of her children again. According to Benjamin, it is true that his friend recorded their nude videos, he even confronted his friend about why he recorded that video but he denied that he is not the one who did that. Wisdom lied to him that he received the nude video from his friend.

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