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How To Get A Good Boyfriend Ladies You Need To Read This To Avoid Broken Heart

A good relationship depends on love, respect and good communication. Finding a good boyfriend can be difficult, especially if you've been burned in the past by bad relationships. Spend some time getting to know what you want in a relationship, and identify how a certain guy might fit the bill.

Knowing What Kind of Relationship You Want

1. Make a list of your values and wants. Think about the things you value most and that you want in a healthy relationship. What are the things you will not compromise on? What are things that are less important to you?

For example, if you want to have kids, you will want to find a partner who also wants kids. If you practice religion, you will likely want to find someone who will participate with you.

2. Know yourself. When you head into a new relationship, take time to analyze yourself. Know where you're coming from, and understand where you're heading. This is especially important in terms of how you conduct yourself in relationships. If you know yourself to be a jealous person or you are insecure in relationships, then strive to understand why you feel this way. What lessons have you learned from previous relationships that you can apply to the new relationship?

3. Be yourself. In order to find a partner who is a good fit, you need to be yourself. It is not productive or healthy to constantly pretend to be someone you're not. As the relationship progresses, this will become more tiring and dishonest. Be yourself with your potential boyfriend. If he likes you the way you are, then the relationship might just succeed.

4. Stay away from toxic relationships. Toxic relationships are those that impact you negatively. This might be someone who is manipulative, physically or verbally abusive, controlling, jealous, chronically angry, or isolating. These types of unhealthy relationships will not allow you to flourish or be happy, and they will erode your self-respect.

A good boyfriend should not make you afraid, tense, or stressed. Rather, this person should help alleviate these feelings.

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