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Divorce Affair

Your Partner Is Being Unfaithful To You When You Notice These 4 Signs

When you experience it up close, personal betrayal changes you. There are plenty of signs you may be able to spot that will put you in a position to make the most important decision: whether to stay or leave. But how do you know for sure if your partner is unfaithful or not? In this particular article, we shall look at four signs which proves your partner is unfaithful to you. Below are signs that your partner is unfaithful to you.

They are very distracted. When your partner is at home, is he really with you? When you talk about your day, do you feel like they’re thinking about other things? Do you find that they don’t focus on TV when you’re watching your friends, pay attention to them when you go out to dinner, or play with the kids like they used to? If your partner is distracted, this could be a sign that they are having an affair. For many people, things are all-consuming and make it very difficult for them to be in the moment.

Their moods have changed. For many people who are having an affair, their mood is greatly affected. Guilt for what they’re doing can consume them. They may be elated because of the sex hormones circulating in their body. They may be angry if you ask them about their behavior. They can be sad because they know they are doing the wrong thing. Again, there are many reasons why your partner’s mood has changed and I would encourage you to watch them carefully and try to talk to them about it. However, changing moods can be a sign that your partner may be unfaithful.

They are being extra nice. Is your partner doing things they might not have done before? Do you sometimes feel that their attention is intentional? Of course, there are many reasons why your guy would be kinder to you, but if you find this is happening more often than usual, it could be a sign that your partner may be unfaithful.

You can’t always find them. If you find that your person is often inaccessible, this is a sign that he may be unfaithful.

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