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I Had Nothing And I Was Even Owing MTN Momo- Coconut Seller Tells How Her Girlfriend Helped Him

Since time immemorial, it has always been said that love conquers everything and it seems this old saying is absolutely true. This in a way is true because this new Ghanaian lovers selling on the streets are showing Ghanaians how to love.

This couple exhibiting their profound love on the street of Kwadwo selling fresh coconut seems to have gone through a lot and even being able to go against all odds to still be together.

The man is this loving relationship talked about how both of them met and ended up being lovers. He also talked about how his girlfriend helped him with her savings and some money from her former employer.

The guy whose name is Nyamekye revealed that, her girlfriend Esther withdrew her money in her account to him him start with their coconut business.

She also revealed that he had nothing in his account when he was sacked from his previous work and was even owing MTN Momo. But his lady made whatever they are doing on the streets possible.

Below is the link to the video showing both Nyamekye and Esther selling cocoanut and expressing their love.

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Esther Ghanaian Kwadwo Nyamekye


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