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My girlfriend is about to enter the university. I want to sell my car and piece of land - Advice me.

A young man whose identity is unknown has taken to an anonymous app to seek advise for a tough decision that lies ahead of him.

He is caught in a serious dilemma and doesn't know what to do.

The thing is, his girlfriend is about to further her education, University to be precise, and he is planning on selling first, his car, and then a piece of land he owns to finance her education. Upon graduation, the two plan to marry and live happily ever after.

If you were to advise this young man, what would you have told him, in light of the numerous stories of young men who took care of ladies through school with the intension of marrying them, but had the shock of their lives in the end.

It is not only ladies, some guys have also benefited from such benevolent schemes but ended up leaving the lady in the name of "class".

Should this said young man follow through with his plans, or should he think twice about it? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments session.

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