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Women should stop doing these things - Testimony of Hell

Mrs. Belinda used to be a model, but she is now a Christian servant. She says she tried to look more attractive in the past and spent a lot of money on plastic surgery to do so.

“I put silicone on my buttocks, and three months later I had surgery to put implants in my breasts,” she said. That day, I went to the operating table and had complications. I had a lot of blood loss and my heartbeats were very weak.”

“My dreams were becoming darker,” she added. My spiritual vision was becoming tangible as I was slowly dying. I started to see demons in the shape of vultures circling me, attempting to steal my soul. In my thoughts, I prayed to God for mercy.”

She said she was terrified and didn't want those hideous creatures to take her life. She closed her eyes and slept on Earth one day, but when she opened them, she knew she had woken up in Hell.

She saw a guy in Hell with a back covered in tattoos. The man's back was being whipped by a demon. His flesh started to crumble and fall to the ground. The same demon then used a sword to sever the man's back and remove all of his tattooed skin.

“Wherever he had a tattoo on his body, the demon slit the tattooed skin and just left the skeleton behind,” she said. The man was harshly punished for painting the Holy Spirit's temple.” She was frightened to death by what she was doing in Hell.

She then saw people with silicone implants in their bodies. Silicones, she continued, bring about an existence inside the bodies of those who have them. She watched as the silicones burst within these women's bodies like bladders.

“Other silicones formed legs and came alive from inside those women,” she added. These silicones are ghosts that resided inside the bodies of those women on Earth, and when they died and went to hell, those demons came out of their bodies to haunt them.

People who have silicone implants in their bodies have silicon ghosts living inside them.” Even if you die and are buried with your silicone-filled body, the demons are implanted in your soul as a result of the silicone, and the only way they can escape is if you end up in hell.

Even though the plastic substance is still inside those who have converted to Jesus and have silicone in their bodies, the silicone demon has left. “When I got back from hell, I took all the silicones out of my body,” she said.

Knowing it belonged to the demons frightened me. I saw how the demons in hell were preparing silicone materials to be sent to Earth. People who placed silicones in their bodies are referred to as "my plastic dolls" by the demons in hell.

She also described seeing a place in hell where only models existed. They died believing that their beauty would bring them fame and fortune in the world. She saw models who were both poor and wealthy, as well as male and female models.

This is a ruse used by Satan to gain many souls. “I saw a lot of beauty queens in hell,” she added. There's a spot where only beautiful women worship their own bodies. I saw dancers from various television shows.

When people who enjoy dancing in concert halls die, they will dance for the demons in hell. They are compelled to dance on the nails for the rest of their lives.She noticed how their feet were bleeding as the hot nails of coals cut them apart as they danced.

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