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I will Never Forgive My Parents for Abandoning me to death

Forgiveness is letting go of the past, understanding and also moving on. Its about taking care of your own mental health and setting yourself free.

Patrick is a boy who was thrown away by is own parents because he was disabled, this happened when he was a baby, later he was taken in by his grandfather because the grandfather do not think what the parents of the child did was good.

Patrick was raised by his grandfather(a parent to Patrick's father). This young boy says he will never forgive his parent because of what they did to him and he does not want to even look at their faces.

From the time he was thrown away he has been living with his grandfather and life has never been easy for them because there came a time he has to start going to school, this was quite a distance from where they lived and the old man has to carry him to school and back always until he could go by himself since they could not afford a wheel chair, since he grew up he as to crawl to school and back always.

According to him things are more complicated and difficult because of his situation, surprisingly he get the best scores in his class which motivate him to do more and say its his body that is deformed not his mind, apparently he is seeking for support from the general public to help him achieve his goal for the future.

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