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I Will Marry Any Man That Posses These Qualities, Even if You're Poor, Lady Says (Fiction)

Note, the picture used in this Article is a Fictional image.

A Lady who resides in Kumasi Ghana has taken to social media to post that she is ever Ready to Marry a Man who posses all the Qualities she outlined in her post once he is a Human being, regardless of whether he is Poor or Rich.

She stated that she came from a not too poor background but at the year pasted by, GOD blessed her Father during the Past Administration. She added that her Parents disciplined she and her siblings right from the time they were tender, and so they were thought that Money is not the only thing one can have and be sure of a good life.

She added that many people think that because she is too beautiful as comes from a wealthy family, that they cannot afford to marry her, but she insisted that she is very humble, kind, Generous and a wife material that any man can dream of Having.

In her post she said:

"My name is Isabella and I'm already 31 years old and no man has ever asked my hand in marriage. Is not that am not beautiful or intelligent. I posses a lot qualities needed in woman but I don't know why no Man has ever asked me to be his friend and this has been bothering me"

"I have consulted many Prayer Houses but no improvement. I have tried to be unnecessary friendly to Guys bit that it that am too soft to love. I have tried approaching Guys on my own but they think am a Cheap Lady"

"Now I've decided to come out public to tell Guys out there that am an Easy going person. They don't need to fear me am just only but a simple woman who can make a Virtuous wife. And am desperately looking for Love"

"I have outlined some Qualities you must posses before you can Marry me. Yes I know I need a Husband either Poor or Rich, but at least you should be able to Posses all this qualities in you first"

Below are the Qualities she stated out:

1. You must be a Committed Born Again Christian that goes to church Regularly.

2. Even if you must be poor, you must dress well at least look good for about 60 percentage.

3: You have to be a Prayer Machine. Otherwise a Prayer warrior because the world is evil.

4. You have to know how to do Domestic Chores like Cooking, Laundry and House cleaning.

5. You must know how to drive a car, Because already I have to Cars.

6. Then you must be good in the other Home affair.

7. You must not have any other Feelings for any other woman except me, Else we divorce.

"If you're interested and Posses all those Qualities, then you can state in the Comment box" She said.

Is it Proper for a Lady to personally start looking for a Man for herself now?

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