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“I Tired Of Having Sex With My Boyfriend’s Manager.” 28-Year-Old Lady Narrates.

Hello lovely readers, welcome back to my article page once again. In this article, I bring you a shocking real life experience a young lady has come to reveal on social media. Kindly do well to follow me if you have not done that yet and get more updates and interesting articles to read everyday.

Life is unpredictable and full of ups and downs. There’s a point in time where life becomes enjoyable and very happy, but what will you do if you keep enduring difficulties and tough times in life?

We hear a lot of surprising and shocking real life incidents and we pass judgment and share our different views and opinions about these incidents.

A 28-year-old young lady identified as Rachel has share her experience online and she is looking forward to receive advice on what to do now.

Rachel was raised by her father and her stepmother. Unfortunately, her father passed away when she was 10 years old so she continued to live with her stepmother and her step-siblings. Not long after her father died. Rachel’s stepmother begun to maltreat her and she was treated bitterly by her step siblings in the house.

She got fed up with the maltreatments at home and moved in to her boyfriend’s house when she turned 21 years of age. Rachel and her boyfriend have been living peacefully and happily together for 7 years now but there is a confession Rachel has to make to her boyfriend.

About a year ago, her boyfriend was struggling to secure a job in a company. Rachel on the other hand went to confront the manager of the company to please grant her boyfriend employment in the company and offered the manager sex in exchange for her boyfriend’s employment. “I had an affair with the manager and this has continued for almost a year now. The manager calls me on weekends and holidays to meet him at hotels and we have sex.” She narrated.

According to Rachel, she is fed of satisfying the manager’s sexual needs but the manager threatens to sack her boyfriend from the company if she stops having the affair with him.

Rachel is in a tight spot now and she keeps contemplating on what to do about the incident.

What are your advices for her?

Thanks for reading.

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