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Funny text messages to make her laugh and make her attracted to you.

These interesting and adorable love statements and picture statements catch the extraordinary sensation of becoming hopelessly enamored and chuckle at every one of the insane feelings you feel as you fall head over heels.

I'm not an expert photographic artist, but rather I can picture us together.

I think my telephone is broken because, for reasons unknown, your number isn't on it.

Assuming you are charming, you can call me a child.

Assuming you are great, you can call me darling.

Be that as it may, assuming you are hot, you can call me this evening! I think you are one of the main sources of an Earth-wide temperature boost since you are smoking hot.

Your dad should be a mobster since you are the bomb-like explosive.

On the off chance that I cherished you any more, my heart would enlarge and transform into a circle.

Our adoration is more grounded than waterproof mascara.

I love you like Chandler loves Monica.

Your embrace is the best spot to be, your name is my #1 word, and your voice is my optimal sound! I need to get you how Facebook procured Instagram.

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