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Mysteries Of Life After Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful institution ordained by God with special grace associated to it. It is the only institution that has a starting point but no one can predict the day that it will end. 

Moreover it is the only institution that the lecturers are invisible and only speaks to the mind. It is also the only institution that gives certificate on the day of beginning.

So even right from beginning it is a mystery to be a student of such college of marriage.

The mystery of marriage is a hidden agenda which no man will understand. Life they always say is a mystery and of course it is, more especially life before and after marriage.

There are things that the ordinary mind can never understand when it comes to issues concerning the before and after marriage. 

And one of such issues which baffles my mind is how some guys will chase a woman with proposals for a very long time.

Which the lady will bluff for weeks, months and some takes years before accepting his proposal.

Meanwhile afterwards they will be the best love birds till one of them will demand they meet their families to perform the necessary rights for marriage.

From then the way and manner they will put things together with all their sweats for the marriage ceremony, it's mostly costive in all forms.

But when they now tie the knot, without any of them changing attitudes, then both minor and major problems starts to set in.

One funny thing is, some of the problems were the ones they may have had when they were courting but they solved it amicably. Yet it happens in the marriages, this time it ends in divorce.

This is the mystery I am writing about. A very surprising issue which has been happening in many marriages.

What do you think causes some of these after marriage mysteries. Comments, like, share and follow please.

Thank you for reading.

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