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Wedding planning scene

Five Funny Pre Wedding Pictures To Make Your Day

Wedding is a ceremony that unite two people in marriage. It is mostly where the couple invite family and friends to witness their union as they have agreed to stay together for better or worse. In this article, the writer looks at 5 funny pre wedding photos that has hit the internet.

For the beauty of the occasion and for invitation sake, most couple nowadays goes for pre wedding shoot to share with their family and friends and also to inform and invite them to the ceremony. Beautiful pictures are taken to that effect but in this pictures below is something else but defines the purpose as well.

Picture 1

In picture 1 below, the couple shared the same T-shirt with a writing that says "We are one". Of course they are one now since the bible even says so. This T-shirt was so bid that it was able to occupy the two of them. This could be a customized t-shirt made for them for this purpose. Isn't this Hilarious?Picture 2

Picture 2 shows a couple with the man standing on a rock and the woman below him. The man had one leg on the rock and the other on the head of the woman. What can cause this, except true love?Picture 3

Normally men are in charge in this part of the world, but this time in this picture, the woman was in charge of the man. Raised her to be husband with one hand, with the other on her waist. This portrays how strong the man feels her woman is in terms of everything.Picture 4

This picture has a great concept behind it. And only professors can actually tell us the message they are trying to send to the viewers. What do you think about picture 4. Picture 5

This is what true love can do. This picture looks very lovely and funny. The to be wife allowed her to be husband to ride on her in the shoot. Will you love to try this someday?

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