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"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Reasons Why Most Guys Are Been Rejected By Women

Getting rejection when trying to a woman to be your dream is quite normal these days. Most women automatically turns off their rush for a guys not because they are not good looking, rich or poor. They just give him an outright dismissal and I take that to be a cold blow on any guy. As a guy, for the past few month, my rejections is almost seventy five and that has not served as a blockade to greatness. Don't be disturbed if you have ever had multiple rejection of love proposal just like me. You can actually better one or two things that would make you stand tall even in the midst ambitious and good looking men. Get this right with women and you would see more coming low never before.

1. They Disrespect Her

Women love cute and caring guys who respects their opinions and thoughts concerning a particular situation. Don't ever disrespect a woman no matter how she has offended you. Become a pillar for them to lean on in times of distress.

2. Bad Reputation Of Guy

This is the most unattractive trait of Alpha Males. Some guys because of their bad reputation finds it very difficult to attract women. Being a "bad boy" type doesn't guarantee you to misbehave. Whether you like it or not, the bad boy still rules in the games with women.

3. You Normally Ignore Her When She Deserves It

Ignoring a woman is one painful that actually turns her off. I guess you want to practically succeed with women, don't ever give her "blueticks" or ignore her when she needs to be appreciated. By understanding women, you get to know what they want and how you are able to fit in to provide that desire. Compliment her not because of her beauty but her brilliant minds if making both a perfect lovebird.

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