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My Police Boyfriend Used His Gun To Shoot My Mouth When I Visited Him - Lady Cries Out

My Police Boyfriend Used His Gun To Shoot My Mouth When I Visited Him - Lady Cries Out

A lady known as Isioma Joy has been disfigured by her police officer boyfriend on a fateful day she visited him in his house.

The lady's police boyfriend shot her mouth when she visited him. According to the lady, she said that she was in a relationship with her police boyfriend.

The people we know and love the most are the same people we're most awful to in word and deed and vice versa.

Domestic violence stems from a desire to gain and maintain power and control over an intimate partner. Abusive people believe they have the right to control and restrict their partner’s lives, often either because they believe their own feelings and needs should be the priority in the relationship, or because they enjoy exerting the power that such abuse gives them.

The lady was interviewed according to the information she had received. Just before I start telling you what she said in the interview, let me tell you something. The police boyfriend of the lady had visited her. According to the woman, she was said to be related to her policeman. They both loved each other, but unexpectedly she got up and told he didn't care about the relationship any more. Both of them loved each other a lot.

She didn't disagree with him at all, only because he wanted everything, no problem, therefore, they are divided. There is no problem.

He called her and told her to go home a few days after the breakup, then she went. He told her that he didn't want everyone to hear when she went to his house, that they are no longer together, and she agreed. And when he advised her of it, his weapon was placed on his table by the table.

She claims she spoke and she ran her telephone. She said that. She said. Then, when she was calling and was trying to talk to the operator, the guy threw the bullet through her lower ear and left her mouth behind her, as can be seen in the photos. She collapsed immediately after the shot.

She didn't know how she was treated, and her mouth now disfigured. She didn't know what to do. The region around their mouth, chin, cheek, and jaw have been severely damaged and defective. Still, because of the gunshot damage, she no longer speaks clearly. She also checks her phone before the incident to see her pictures. She sheds tears as she sees how beautiful she was. The video here is visible. Just like, share and follow me, please comment.

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