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You are getting attractions. You think about her. You wish to be with your love. You are portraying all the signs of being in relationships. But is it love? Or is it infatuation that will go away after some time?

Let us check out this in a little more nitty greatly. What is the difference between love and infatuation? The first validness is that infatuation is short-lived. It collapses in no time soon.

Now think of another individual. Know that the new candidate has all the features in greater proportion Analyse deeply and consider as much as you can. Are you still in love rapport? or you are moving your allegiance to the new candidate?

 Think about having a bad fight with your spouse Imagine her calling you different nomenclature and disagreeing furiously with you. Are you still in love? Will you go back the following day to them? Or you already don't like them?

For many years now, your beloved is losing physical beauty. Choose photographs of some movie personalities when they were just young and measuring them with the way they appear now. 

Do something peculiar with your love. Are you still in romance? Will you admire them after so many years when they would have gotten rod of most of their physical beauty

Love is an emotion that lasts years. Love can take fights in its stride. Love cannot be effortlessly defined, but in love, you care for your beloved more than yourself. You turn very selfless with your true sweetheart. Do you have that feeling? If yes, it is love. Otherwise, you need to think more

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