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"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Signs You're Projecting Your Pain After Break Up

The feeling of projecting your pains in the love game cannot be overemphasized. The game of love is not played by the fainthearted since it is characteristised with love and heartbreaks and you've to be ready for that. Many guys tend to fall into the cold hands death because they fell in love with the wrong woman. I've personally come into contact with guys who after regretting falling for the wrong person later come to social media to express their sentiments. This shouldn't happen to an alpha male.

Well, being an alpha Male does not make you the perfect man but helps you to employ some spicy to tips to superceed the average guy. Below are some signs that shows you're projecting your pain after break up and that must stop right away.

1. You Make Assumptions Without Asking Questions

This can be a bit frustrating but that is the real truth. Most guys in their quest to project how bad they feel for falling for the wrong person tend to make final decisions or assumptions without hearing out from the other party. They voice out some words which later goes against them in life. No matter how bad you feel as a guy, never make final decision when angry or sad.

2. You Negatively Judge And Criticize Them

Because of the past experiences of some guys, they tend to judge and criticize people negatively. Well, it is always said that, 'once bitten, twice shy'. They take pride in judging people wrongly and that shouldn't be named among alpha males. Also, they find it very difficult to forgive those who hurts them.

3. You Attack And Accuse Wrongly Without Communicating

I've personally been a victim of such circumstance and it never help me. You can actually overcome all odds and also live your life to the fullest. Never resort to attacks and accuse wrongly without communicating or knowing the details of the situation. Become a guy of self worth and never let your emotions detect your next step in life.

Please follow me for more relationship goals.

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