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3 Things You Shouldn't Learn From Date Rush

Date rush has become a show that many people enjoy and anticipate to watch. Not only can it be entertaining to watch but also provide some lessons which you can apply to your love life and relationship.

However, not everything televised necessarily means it's good to adopt. Below are 3 bad habits or things that you shouldn't learn from Date rush.

1. Dating in a rush

Although the premise of the show is simply to entertain, many might think just by looking at someone for the first time and hearing some complimentary words from a friend then it means that he/she is good to date.

As evidence against dating in a rush, haven't you noticed that the ladies who got dates come back in episodes later to rejoin those still searching. When asked why they have returned, they answer stating that "It didn't work out" or mention one problem or the other.

Therefore, in your search, take your time and search for a quality partner.

2. Judging from appearance

Many ladies and gentlemen have been on the show and have received their Fair share of criticisms.

The criticisms contribute towards the entertainment value of the show. However, one common trend noticed is that some ladies will criticize you in a demeaning way or may decide to turn you down simply because you are not looking flashy enough.

In the real dating world, although you must have standards in the people you date, do not simply judge solely on appearance but rather judge from how capable and suitable that the person fits you.

3. Using Meaningless Criteria in Your judgement

In date rush, right of the bat as the male contestants walk on stage, they are expected to dance to show of how good they are in dancing. Why that criteria was added in the first place is a mystery.

If you are not lucky and you don't know how to dance, you are immediately rejected by some ladies. The rest of the ladies that still show interest will also go on to ask you questions which can be deemed irrelevant.

Therefore, when scrutinizing your future partner, use reasonable criteria rather than meaningless ones. As the cliche saying goes "Find someone who has vision, not one with a television"

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