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Billionaires Are Usually Born In This Month

There is no fixed formular, job or circumstances that makes a man successful. Everything you got passion for, that can be commercialized, if you put in the needed efforts, will bear you some gains and affluence.

Beyond this, the are other natural factors that are not within our control that may, no matter how small, have an impact; being it positive or negative, on our success.

One of such external forces that influence the outcome of our life is the month in which we are born.

People given birth to in a particular month have certain characteristics that have a bearing, one way or the other , on activities in their lives. 

Each of the the twelve months have positive characteristics that people born on those months exhibit.

Per a research conducted by Tombola, a UK based bingo site, children given birth to in October are likely to be billionaires. According to the reports, some billionaires born in October include Bill Gate, Roman Abramovich, Ralph Lauren and several others.

Hope you have been educated.

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