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Husband and wife relationship

5 Things you should never say to your husband during a fight.

It is no doubt that in some marriages there are arguments and misunderstanding. Because no one is perfect. But there are words that should never be said to your partner no matter how angry or upset you are because these words can take long to heal or can make the heart bleed. So as a woman, you should be extremely careful of what you say to your husband.

5 Words You Should Never Say To Your Husband.

1. My ex is better than you.

As a woman, you should never compare your husband with your ex. Or tell him your ex is better than him. No man will be comfortable hearing such a word from his wife. And such a word will do no good than making things more complicated in your marriage. As a woman, no matter the situation you're going through, never use such a word on your husband. Because this will make him feel less of himself.

2. I regret marrying you.

You should never make this statement as a woman. Today some women make this statement to their husband just to hurt them after a misunderstanding or a fight. Without knowing such a word, it can ruin the marriage. By saying so, you're indirectly telling your husband that he is a mistake in your life. And such a word hurt deeply and takes a very long time to heal.

3. You are so weak.

As a woman, it is very important you understand that every man has different behavior and way of handling things. Your man strength can be something else. As a woman, never tell your partner he is a weak man. Such words can make him feel depressed or bad about himself. It can also take away his confidence. It is best to be his strength and not his weakness.

4. My parents warned me against you.

This is totally wrong. As a woman, you should never bring in your parents to a misunderstanding between you and your husband. Because this kills the affection your husband has for you. And no man will be happy to hear such a word from his wife. So as a woman, no matter how upset you are, never use such words on him.

5. You are not man enough.

No man will be happy to hear such a word from his wife. Because it is in man's nature to feel like the head of the family. By saying such a word, you're indirectly telling him he is not doing well as the man of the house. And this is an insult to his personality.

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