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10 Weird Things Women Find Attractive In Men

Sometimes, the things you don't think of, things you find odd and weird are the very things people watch a lot.

People make out weird things and they carry their own attention. Imagine a little girl admiring an albino, weird right?

Talking of even more weirder things, have you realized women look at men with fixed and creepy eyes?

Their eyes turn to hover around men they deem attractive. Checkout what they see in men that gets their attention below:

1. Eye lashes

2. Beard

3. The way a man smells

4. A man's backside

5. The way men roll up their sleeves

6. The scars of a man

7. The hairs on the chest of men

8. The way men sway their hips as they walk.

9. Silly jokes.

10. The sleepy voice of men

What do you think? Have you realized these weird stuffs women find attractive in men? What else did you find out?

Do share your experiences in the comment section.

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