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Do this for your man if you want him to love you alone.

Hello and greetings to you all. Today I come to you with some tips on how to get your man stick to you alone. Please have time and read through it all.

First and foremost, they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, this is true. As a woman, you should know what food your man likes best and prepare it for him. Let him not know of your intentions about the cooking. Keep it all to yourself and surprise him with. Pamper him as he eats. Remember, do not ask him money for that meal. Men really love free meals.

Secondly, do not be a boring girlfriend. What do I mean by this? I mean you should not always wait for the man to call you or try to reach you. Give him random calls and visits at his place. The aim for this should not be with a hope of catching him with another woman in his room. When you get to him, do not wait for him to start the talking. Start it! Just us women love to listen men also do have that same desire. Do not be bored if your man does not do much of the talking. You women are natural parrots(no offense) and therefore put that ability to work.Also, give support and encouragement to you boyfriend or husband when you see him feeling down. He is a man and not a god supernatural being. He has needs that are sometimes not met. Help him. It takes two for a relationship to work. Do not always place yourself at the receiving end. If he has financial problems, help him. If has emotional problems fix him. If he has some health related problems take him to a hospital. Enough of the “send me momo err” you too send him momo. Men like cash gifts as well. Furthermore, give him s3-x without him asking for it. Ghanaian women feel like they are being “cheap” if they do this. But I beg what commodity are you? So where from the low price tag conception in your mind? Give it to him in the car, kitchen, hall, bedroom in-fact anywhere you find convenient. But note, if you starve him, he’ll cheat and if you give it to him too much he will so cheat on you. Give it to him but not too much.Last but not the least is respect. Respect him at all times. This does not mean you should make yourself a door mat to be walked upon. Let him feel like he is in charge most of the times. Men get head-swollen with this feeling. When he is mad at you and talking to you in a high tone, do not talk back. Just say you are sorry even when you are right. This does not make you a fool. Saying sorry for doing nothing does not deteriorate you in any way neither does talking back perk you up. Talking back rather fuels the flames of anger in him already and you know where this can lead to. A bonus tip below.Stop the age stereotyping. What is wrong with a 28 year old woman dating or getting married to a 23 year old man? Does this kill? Ghanaian women are really conscious of the age difference between them and their men. I do not know what it brings to them. He is too you for you and so what? If you too vibe very well, ignore age. It is nothing but a measurement on how long you have been on this planet that is all. It does nothing again. It does not bring you sense nor take sense from you. Thank you.

If you like this, appreciate me in the comment box and if you have a problem with any of the tips above, let us all know. There may be someone reading this who can help you out.

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