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Ladies: 5 kente styles for your December weddings.

Weddings are also a joyous occasion, imagine weddings being sad, solemn and depressing? What a shock that will be.

A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes.

Fortunately Ghanaian marriages are done in a very beautiful and peculiar way that it makes marriage and wedding ceremonies exciting. The traditional marriage popularly known as engagement starts with the knocking or kokooko then the engagement follows.

In a Ghanaian traditional wedding, the couple and the wedding party dress in kente cloth to give the feeling of royalty.

Kente cloth is special on many levels. Around the world, the unique patterns and colors are easily identifiable as a representation of West African culture. In modern day Ghana, where the tradition of weaving Kente cloth began centuries ago, it's a sign of national and ethnic pride, printed on shoes, bags, and clothing throughout the nation. All tribes in Ghana have, and wear, a unique Kente design. While the details of its origins are contested, the legend of Kente’s creation also plays an important role in the history of every Ghanaian.

Traditional weddings (engagements) are very important because it helps not to lose our history, many people love engagements or traditional marriages because to them it is less expensive. 

Recently, there isn’t money in the system and people who want to spend their lives together amidst everything prefer doing just the engagement ceremony. I believe it is better to save and enjoy your marriage than spend everything on the wedding.

I personally don't believe in having lavish weddings to impress anyone but what do I know??? What do I know??? Nothing at all.

Today I bring 5 latest engagement kente styles you can try if you are getting married soon. Many people fumble and are always uncertain and confused about the colour, design and texture and style or design of kente they want to use.

So here it is,

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