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Checkout What Some University Ladies Give To Their Boyfriends In Exchange For Gifts

Some students from Kingsford University answered a very controversial question asked them in an interview. The question was to know whether a guy is supposed to take care of all of a ladies expenses in a relationship. The first lady, Shamsiya said yes to the question. Her reason was that guys these days take advantage of ladies so to do away with that the guy must provide everything the lady needs.

She said in her relationship, the guy provides her stuff and what she gives in return is that she washes his clothes, take care of his home when he is not around and gives him good sex whenever he needs it. She advised to cater for the expenses of their girls because expenses are high and if a guy cannot afford it, he should go for a low-cost girl to avoid slacking in relationships. Another lady, Mimie said both the guy and the lady should help taking care of expenses.

She advised ladies not to put all the burden on the guy because the guys also have other things to deal with and ladies should be responsible. She said in her relationship, what she provides the guy is respect and sex. She added that his guy bought her iPhone 12 pro max when returning from London, and in appreciating him, he gave him good sex.

She told her fellow ladies that if a car gifts you a thing in exchange for sex, they should accept and that they could be destiny helpers. Rumaisha on the other hand said it was not good for a guy to be providing for the lady in a relationship because they are not a married couple.

She added that if a lady has families and guardians, they are to take care of them and not someone's son. She concluded that it's not cool for a lady to be a burden on her boyfriend. Most of the other students said it should be both partners supporting each other because the guys also need help and pampering too.  

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