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Husband and wife relationship

My Hubby Brought In Another Woman, I Fasted For 60 Days, Waited For 18 Years For Him" Bishop

Today, i bring you an emotional story of a lady, Bishop Doctor Regina ego fasted for 60 days and stayed for 18 years without been intimacy while waiting for her husband she loves so much to come back to her after he started womanising and asked her to go back to her father's house or get a boyfriend to be satisfying her since he no longer find her attractive anymore.

Her husband would bring another woman over and kiss her in front of her. Regina, on the other hand, went on a 60-day fasting and waited for 18 years after her husband stopped touching and asked her to get a boyfriend or remarry. 

She said, " "Kisses were exchanged while I watched from the sidelines. Having waited 18 years for him to return to me, I went on a 60-day fasting." Regina hasn't given up on her husband she's still waiting for him to come back to her and has refused to leave his house or have relationship outside her marriage.

What are your thoughts? What can women do to keep their marriage strong? What advise do you have for Regina should she continue waiting for her busy to come back to her?

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