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Wedding planning scene

More Heartbreaking Pictures From The Controversial Obuasi Military Man Wedding Pop Up

More pictures are dropping on social media from the controversial wedding between Richard Agu(Military man) and Benedicta.

An ex-girlfriend of Richard Agu, Comfort Bliss had threatened to ruin the wedding if she is not settled. According to her, she has spent in excess of thirty thousand Ghana cedis on Richard Agu to have his training in the military from Takoradi.

Comfort Bliss is unhappy Richard Agu has jilted her for to marry another woman. She is demanding her money or the wedding is ruined.

But it seems Comfort Bliss might be brokenhearted since beautiful pictures coming from the St John’s Baptist Church in Obuasi suggests the wedding is happening smoothly without any interference.

Richard Agu is seen donned in his black suit with his wife to be in a long wedding gown. Richard Agu looked relaxed as the pastor offers him the ring to put on the fingers of his wife to be.

Her bridesmaids are also beautifully clad in blue long dresses. The church looks half empty obviously due to the coronavirus outbreak and its associated safety protocols. Many onlookers could be spotted witnessing the wedding from outside.

Some Military men are also seen in Uniforms guarding the church to provide security for any unforeseen circumstances. 

It is unknown if Comfort Bliss has adopted another strategy to retrieve her locked up capital from Richard Agu but the wedding seem uninterrupted so far.

It could also be that Comfort Bliss has been advised to use legal means to grab her money instead of preventing the wedding.

However, pictures from the wedding can be heartbroken to comfort Bliss as she looks on whilst the man she has spent so much money on is being whisked away by another woman.

On the other hand Richard Agu insists it was Comfort Agu who sidelined him for another man. However he has not denied the claims that Comfort Bliss took care of him throughout his training in the military. 

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