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Don't come to my DM and just say hi, be creative-Lady advises men on how to initiate chat with women

There is nothing more interesting than seeing a beautiful lady answer your text and keep the convo going. Contrary there is nothing more embarassing than texting a lady and waiting for a reply and she refuses to respond.

A lot of ladies have this habit of refusing to answer text messages from men they don't know much about, and others also wait for days or months before replying. However one beautiful lady has offered men a trick on how to make a good impression with your first text, to entice them to reply. The said lady identified on twitter as Dede(KROBOLADY) claimed, anyone who pops up in her dm to text her "Hi" is not getting any response from her, but advised they should exhibit some iota of creativity in initiating chats with her. Take a look at Dede(KROBOLADY) post. 

Hi or Hello are casual greeting words to begin every conversation but it seem the ladies get pissed when they see several of them flooding their dm's. Perhaps this could be the reason you have many of your messages to ladies left unanswered, and it's about time you try and be creative in your messages, to give a nice impression and boost your chances of getting them replied.

However there are some ladies who will still refuse to reply texts regardless of how good you start the conversation. According to one Marwan Jamal, who is a dating coach for men, a girl would decide not to text back or refuse to reply your texts, if she already has a boyfriend and doesn't want to entertain other advances from other men or she is too busy or you were too direct with your message. 

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