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Date Rush: How can you block a lady from calling you because of this?

On Date Rush reality show, there is one thing to get a date and another thing to sustain it to the next level. It is just like the normal way of meeting someone you like. Proposing to the person is one thing and after the person accepts your proposal, moving the relationship to another level is a responsibility.

In episode 1 of season 5, there is one beautiful lady by name Nana Akua who came on stage looking for a date. Her gestures and everything could tell you that, she was ready for love. I remember one of the guys told her she looks like a church girl so he doesn't like her and truly she accepted his decision.

Despite the tense atmosphere, she was able to maneuver through and chose Evans as her date that night. Everybody thought it was going to be a good pair since Evans was very nice and calm on the show. After getting a date, both parties will meet at a lounge to have fun. Evans waited for Nana Akua but she didn't show up but according to Evans, he blocked Nana Akua's line because the calling was too much. He again reiterated that, he saw in the eyes of Nana Akua that the love was too much and she was engaging herself a lot. That made him to blacklist her.

This really baffles my mind a lot because I can't fathom why you have to block a lady's contact for her not to be able to reach you for this funny reason. Some guys out there are looking for such kinds of ladies but Evans got the opportunity and thinks it is not worthy enough. This is the very reason why their relationship didn't work. What do you think about that?

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