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Sex Positions to give your woman a crazy orgasm. Try these and your woman will be madly into you.

Give your woman an unforgettable orgasm with these sex positions. And she will never forget you in her life.

Reverse Cowgirl.

This famous variation of the woman-on-top has the lady pointing her head the other way. Basically, it has the man lying down and the woman on top of him either kneeling or squatting while he faces her back. It's a flexible position where a woman can either lean forward or backward or keep her torso straight, while the man can keep his legs straight or arched. The position is a great variation from woman-on-top and gives the woman total control over the pace and rhythm and lets her set the agenda. She can also change the angles to see how to hit the sweet spot. Also, she has the option to rub her clitoris (the only way some women can orgasm) and get her man to hit the G-spot simultaneously which can give a very powerful orgasm!

Doggie Style

Rear entry or to use the more street term doggie style just loses out to woman-on-top. The position involves the woman on her knees facing away from the partner while he enters from behind. Some variations can have the woman lying face down as well with a pillow under her belly for more leverage. The position is great because it allows deeper penetration to hit the G-spot which is located somewhere along the front vaginal wall. Also, there's room for clitoral stimulation which could make getting an orgasm even easier.

Woman on top

No one understands the female body quite like the woman herself and that's what makes the woman-on-top a great sex position to achieve an orgasm because the woman is in control. Also known as the reverse missionary position, it is great for deep penetration. It also gives women complete control so she can direct the male partner to places which she'd like to and also control the thrusting.

Standing sex position

The standing sex position might be harder to achieve than the ones we've discussed so far and while it does require a certain degree of strength and athleticism, the rewards are also great. It usually involves the female partner with her back against the wall (or facing the other way) while the male partner enters her while her holding her up. The position allows for a greater degree of penetration and also allows for clitoral stimulation with all the different angles feasible.

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If you don't understand any of the style comment below for proper explanations with your sex position. Don't to share too.

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Cowgirl Doggie Style


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