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I Can't Remember The Last Time A Man Said He Wants To Sleep With Me, They Can't Dare Such -Lady Says

Women must improve their value so that they wouldn't have to be seeking favours from men who have the wrong motives. Some women still depend on men for all their need that's why some men feels they are doing women a favour whenever they seek for help by asking something in return.

According to a relationship expert women need to raise their self-worth in order to be more attractive to men. A man has never approached her and asked her to have intimacy vwith him before, she claims, because they are afraid to do so. Because she's an independent woman she works, earns her money and have self worth.

In a live video, she said As she challenges many women to add value to their lives, she asserts that many of them have nothing to offer a man other than their bodies. " The only thing you can give a man that will keep your body from hurting is value.

You can't keep a man by sleeping with him, and that's why some men break up with their wives. In the absence of value, men will put up with the pain of your body. She insists she has value and a man has nothing to offer him except love making.

she doesn't remember the Last time a man indicated he was interested in sleeping with her. They can't do that she claims. "As soon as someone approaches me, they will ask how they may collaborate with me. I'm surrounded by men who talk about business deals and advertisements" she claims. What do you think a woman can offer to a man?

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