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What measures can we put in place to keep our females from becoming involved in robberies and fraud?

Females in general in the world are given certain respects and honours as it has always been proud of every country to put matters of improving the well being of its females into the leathers of the national cake and is given certain criteria when it comes to matters of the hearts.

According to statistics, about 80% of the world female are the one who caters for the young ones or children brought to this world and it is through them that children learn from since they are always with them at home and when you come to Ghana especially, about 90% of children are been taken care by our females and it is through them that our children learn certain behaviours to enable them to become prominent people in the country.

And it is popular among Ghanaians for you to her "wo maame me way3n" meaning "who is your mother" when a child is involved in a bad deed or has done something great. So these make females hold some specialities in the country and becomes very heart worrying and irritating when you hear of our ladies being involved in certain acts that do not conform to the respect that they have to earn in the community or the country.

In recent years, many females have been reported involved in robberies, frauds and other unaccepted societal behaviours and when things of this source are heard about, it makes a lot of people in the country ask so many questions:

What at all is happening in the country?

What future has our young ones?

Is the country moving forward or backwards?

What initiatives have the government put in place to stop all these acts from happening?

These and many are what people ask when our females get involved in wrongful acts because it is believed that it is the females that hold the development of every country as they are the very first people children learn from and these young ones are the youth and the future of the country.


A young and beautiful lady named Kate Boateng was arrested in Dabaa in the Ashanti Region for mobile money fraudster. She was reported to allegedly defraud a mobile money vendor to the tune of GHC 5,400 and was saved by the Member of Parliament for Nhyiaeso Constituency from the angry crowd who nearly lynched her and could have been possibly been beaten to death as it has happened in so many cases.

So lovely people of Ghana, what do you think is the way forward for this country? Please leave your comment below and let us help in the development of the nation. Thank You.

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