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Here Are Questions You Should Never Ask A Woman

Once there are principles governing everything, there are also Do's and Don't s in a love relationship. We do certain things in a relationship that makes end sooner than we expected.

You proposed love to her,may be she's interested in you. But the questions you ask may remember her of some terrific experience she once had. This may put her off totally. There are questions you should never ask a lady. Read below.

Never ask a woman why are you single. It's not important. Ask yourself that question. Other things you should be concerned about is hanging out,having a good time with her.

Never ask her "what can I do to make you Happy". Dont ask her this question. It's a servant kind of question. She going to be like you should this,you shouldn't have done this. In a way she's gaining control over you.

You shouldn't ask a woman" Did You have a good time". This is a very insecure and weak question. Assume she had a good time because she's in your world. If she didn't its no big's like you're basically begin her to stay with you.

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