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Laugh The Whole Day With These Funny And Hilarious Pictures.

Laughter is an honest, involuntary emotional signal and it is signaling enjoyment. People who are self-deceptive could be more concerned with honest signaling. It’s a little bit dangerous for them to be laughing because they don’t get it themselves and there are concealing the truth to themselves and they are concealing it to others.

I don’t laugh too much. I smile a lot, but I hardly ever laugh. I’ve never noticed it or paid any attention until a chance acquaintance asked me - you’re such an open and friendly person, how come you don’t ever laugh?

I laugh when I flirt, though. I laugh to be polite when the situation requires it. I laugh with my closest friends. Other than that, not really. It’s not that I don’t get the humor, I do. It doesn’t mean that I’m always sad, because I’m not. It doesn’t mean that I’m a bore or a kill-joy, because I am not, honestly.

I just don’t laugh that often. I don’t know why, but I’m comfortable with it. And so seems everyone else, as that person I’ve mentioned was the only one ever to ask why I don’t laugh.

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