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"Stop Chasing Them" - 3 Spicy Tricks To Have Women Chase You Everytime

Chasing a girl can be very interesting when you are a newbie in the game. In my early days, I've chased so many girls and only a few fell for me. It's sound funny right? What could have been the problem. I was a newbie with less knowledge about how you play to play the cards. If you constantly been hitting on every moves and being nervous, then you would find it difficult having a perfect girl.

Little do most guys know that, to have women chase you is to stop chasing them. This can be counterintuitive but it works perfectly. Here are some spilled things to do to make women chase you. 

1. Dress Elegantly 

This has been the one most easiest way to make a woman fall in love with you. I've used this tip and it is working for me like magic. Well, indeed most guys don't normally care about their dressing since they think the woman cares much about their financial muscles and sense of humor than their dressing. That's a blatant lie and that shouldn't be named among an alpha male. 

2. Be Funny And Interesting 

You don't need to be a comedian before you can impress your dream girl. Just be who you are and firm with your words. Endeavor to make her happy when she is with you. Also try offering a helping hand even when she has not asked for. The interesting part of the game of love is, life doesn't matter how happy you are but how happy people are because of you. That has been my legacy and thanks to life I'm still holding in to it. 

3. Focus On Building Your Life 

This is one thing most guys fail to do when trying to attract a woman. They put all their eggs in one basket by chasing the woman without realizing they have a future to build. Women love six cars over six packs. That's the interesting part of the love game. While trying to make a woman have interest in you, focus also on the other part of life. Find something to do to make a living out of it. "Focus on having the banana, and at the right time, the monkeys would come chasing you" That should be the legacy of an alpha male. 

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Dress Elegantly


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