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Want to go long journey and increase the size of your stick? Do this with Papaw fruit.

As a man one of the most embarrassing moment is when you have a problem with your sexual life, if you are facing premature ejaculation or you want to increase the size of your manhood, or go long journey, then I have a natural solution for you. All you have to do is just follow the steps I am going to show you and thank me later.

If you are facing these challenges then all that you will need to do, is get a local pawpaw fruit. Yes the magic is just a pawpaw fruit, normally the local pawpaw fruits are the ones found in the villages, and they are the types that have their trees big and grow tall. You can find one in the cities but mostly those in the cities are the foreign ones. The difference between the local and foreign one is, the local pawpaw fruits are big in size, whiles the foreign ones are not.

Now let’s get to the main point, the pawpaw going to be used for this remedy must be unripped, yes it shouldn’t be the ones ready to be consumed else it won’t work. When you get a quantity of the unripped pawpaw wash it and cut them into pieces, don’t peel off the cover and also don’t get the seeds off the pawpaw fruit.

After cutting it into pieces, Pour them into a blender and blend. Incase you don’t have a blender you can pour them into an earthenware “Ayowa” and grind them. After that, drink the substance when and how you want to. Do this for some days and just observe the sudden change in sexual performance.

This comes with no side effect as compared to other drugs people take to harm their system. You can can take as many times as you want. You can also store some in the fridge and be taking it later. But the best is, You blending and taking it each time you want to.

For this who may not understand the “Unripped Pawpaw” this what I am talking about.

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