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Most Guys Are Shy, Here Are Top Five Ways They Express Their Love Without Words

You might like to hear those three little words every now and then - and really, it's not too much to ask - but honestly, you can say what guys think of you just by taking note of what they're doing. If they don't talk a lot, guys are more likely to express their feelings for you by doing these things:

Present yourself when needed.

When you need help with something or you've heard bad news, your boyfriend gives up whatever he's doing and shows up for you right away - and not just until you're feeling better no more. He's there all night, just in case.

Find reasons to touch you on a daily basis.

He always loves to hold your hand when you are outside or touching your hair, and sometimes he will just surprise you with a really amazing hug. He's not always in your space, but he likes to be flirty - and most importantly, not just when he's excited.

Wanting to meet and spend time with your family.

It's one thing to meet people, but it's another for a guy to want to hang out with his crazy parents (when honestly, sometimes you don't even want to). He does this happily because he knows they are an important part of your life.

Showing interest, not just offering solutions.

When you discuss your goals and future plans, he really takes the time to listen to them. He doesn't quickly try to fix imperfections in your plans or tell you why they're not working, but he truly appreciates your ideas and supports you no matter what.

See beyond your physical appearance.

Yes, he loves the way you look, but he also shows you that he loves everything else about you too, like your intelligence and the cute way you laugh at lame jokes. He notices things that you probably don't even notice about yourself because he cares so much about you. Suddenly you've gone from the honeymoon to the real deal

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