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7 Important Things You Must Do For Your Girlfriend When She Is In Her Period

Below are mature things a guy should do when her girlfriend is on her period;

1. Do not get terrified by the idea of this monthly visit from Mother Nature. Don't sprint away from your loved one at the prospect of an impending visit. It will annoy them for sure. Remember, it is completely natural and not in her control.

2. Let her be lazy and exist in her oversized pajamas and T-shirt. Do not pressurize her to be active and exercise.

3. Try and keep her distracted from the drilling and squeezing sensation in her tummy. Talk to her. Hug her. Remember that movie you were planning to watch? Watch it today! Do not and I repeat once again, do not tickle her and mess around with her tummy. As it is, it feels like a crime scene and if you touch it, it’ll become a war zone.

4. Do not comment on what she eats. Girls (well, me!) tend to resort to food to seek happiness and comfort. All diets and bulging tummies are forgotten. They binge on chocolates, candies, cookies, biscuits etc and your duty is to keep your mouth shut and get them more treats. She is losing blood and feeling bloated.

5. If she gets angry or irritated or annoyed, do not play the blame game and rip each other’s throats off. Instead, try and understand that she is going though literally back breaking pain and extreme mood swings. Try and keep your ego aside and be somewhat comforting and understanding.

6. Keep your mouth shut about things that tend to annoy or irritate her. Chances are, it won't just irritate her this time, it’ll probably lead to a bursting of volcanoes or possibly floods.

7. If she cries, do not get annoyed. Bring her close to you, hug her and tell her that everything is going to be okay and we’ll get through this. These are the magic words which instantly bring relief. Also, you can worry about your tears stained shirt later.

I know that it’s hard but be patient. Remember that this lasts only for a few days. She’ll be back to her original self in a few days. If you lose your patience, you’ll only end up having a battle again.

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