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Husband and wife relationship

My Wife Takes Long In The Bathroom, So I Barged In And Caught Her Doing This - Man Says (Fiction)

My Name is Joshua Appiah, and I have been married to my wife for the past 22-years. But I never knew that she has been hiding a secret from me, since the both of us have been living in the same house.

Note that the Photo used in this article is for Fictional purposes, it is not real

Read below my story:

"Here in Ghana, a lot of men thinks that marriage is a straightforward union in which one can just enter and start having fun, forgetting that it is not always easy as it seems. They assume marriage is roses, but they have never understood that the path of Marriage is very tough, and only the tough ones can prevail. If you don't remain in touch with your wife as a Man, then you don't have what it takes to keep a house and retain your self-respect in your home"

"My wife and I currently live in Kumasi. We have been praying to GOD to bless us with Children, even if we both have no Children of our own, we would still make plans to have a better future together"

"I had no intention of doing this, not until I married my wife. I never married my wife because she was beautiful, tall and too young for me. My wife is 18-years-old and I am 49-years old. So the gap of age between us is too much, but I loved her with all my heart. I always look forward to make her happy all day"

"Actually she was compelled to marry me, since at her age she didn't what to marry me. His father swore not to train her in college if she dare agree to marry me, but she insisted. Her father claimed that I will have to shoulder all responsibility concerning her, because I am rich and buoyant enough to take care of her. And that I truly did all this years we've been together"

"All of a Sudden, my wife start behaving in a manner that she has never done, ever since we got married. Whenever she Comes back from work, she will most times stay with her phone outside the house, chatting and conversing with some persons, even make private calls inside the Bathroom. I tried to complain about her business, but she would always say am being too suspicious about her, hence she is only attending to business. Adding that it's her Company's decision to work late even from home"

"I made efforts and Informed my childhood friend of what my Wife is doing lately, and how she stays long inside the bathroom anytime she is taking her shower, she gave me an advise. She told me summon courage one day and barge inside the bathroom and find out what exactly she is always doing there. I had to refuse initially, because I was scared she might accuse me of doubting and suspecting she is cheating on me. But after some days, I made up on my kind to try out the advise"

"Now on that faithful evening, my wife came back late from work around 11 pm, and after she had her dinner she went inside the bathroom. She stayed there for over 1 hour. It was then that sworn that I just try out what my friend told me to do. Then I forcefully barged inside the bathroom, and my wife tried to Switch on her Laptop when she saw, she tried to shut it down, but I forcefully snatched it away from her. Then I noticed the conversation she had with an unknown person on her Laptop.

"When I questioned her on what she was doing with all the chats and messages, so I can actually find out what she has been up to, and equally not to misjudge her. Right there I discovered that my wife was a victim of Fraudster called "Sakawa Boys". She begged me not to report her to anyone, because it will ruin her reputation and personality. And people who see her as a core Christian will downgrade her. Personally I was dumbfounded that my wife could go into internet Fraudulent activities"

"Actually, she was Introduced into this by one of her female friends. But the reason why she chose to live this kind of life, is what still cannot comprehend. Because she has the money in the world, and she lacks nothing"

"Then within me, I thought of what to do about this, whether I should report to my parents and to her own Parents. Or if I should report her to the Police, her pastor. And right now I don't know what to do concerning this problem. But the truth of the matter is that my wife needs help. Please what should I do at this point of our lives?"

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Ghana Joshua Appiah


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