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Is she your best friend? Use these methods to make her your girlfriend

One day, you find yourself looking at your girl friend as more than just a friend who happens to be a girl. You start looking at her as girlfriend material, and wanting to get closer to her on a romantic level. This is a tricky situation to be in, because you want to figure out how she feels without jeopardizing your friendship in the process. But if you play your cards right, you may be able to turn your girl friend into a girlfriend in no time. Below are the things you can do to turn your girl friend into a girlfriend.

1.Close the gap

Use your body language to get closer to her as you get stronger signals that she's interested. Lean your shoulders towards her, lean on her very gently, face her often and use touch frequently. Again, hugs are always good! Take note of how she responds when you try to get closer to her. If she welcomes the closeness and seems comfortable with it, then you're on the right track. Take care not to fall into or on her, to grab her or to squeeze or hold her too hard.

2. Leave her wanting your presence more

Do not spend too much time around her. Instead, spend lots of time, and then none for a while, then more again, and flirt while you are there. While you are gone, she is given a chance to think about you, which hopefully she will. This will also help you play hard to get. If she knows that you'll always be available, then she'll be less likely to want to hang out with you. Spend more time with her when she is happy than when she is sad. This helps her to associate happiness with you. If you are successful in making her your girlfriend, that's when it becomes important to support her when she needs it.

3. Be flirtatious

Gradually increase your flirting ways, provided you're getting the right signals in return. Let things happen naturally. Tease her a bit, be playful, touch her lightly, and just treat her differently than you would other girls. Let her see that you're not just flirtatious for the sake of it, but that you're directing your romantic feelings toward her.

4. Tell her why you like her

Do not make a big deal about it. Just give her a few compliments and tell her how much you like spending time with her. Let her know why she's special to you and that you're paying attention to all of the things that make her wonderful. Don't make her too embarrassed or lay it on too thick; just take a few minutes to make her feel like the special girl that she is. You can even gauge her reaction as you're doing this. if she looks uncomfortable or like she's searching for the nearest exit, then you may not want to proceed. But if she's excited and looks like she wants to hear more, then you may be in luck.

5. Ask her out

Do not spend too much time building up to it. Just tell her that you've really liked being her friend, but that you want to take your relationship to the next level. Make her see that you've really thought about it, and that, though you value your friendship, you're willing to take the risk to take your relationship to the next level. She will be flattered that you like her so much as a friend and that you've put enough thought into it to see that you do want something more from her..Just say, "Would you like to be my girlfriend?" Or, "Would you like to go out with me?" You don't have to spend hours building up to this point. When you ask her, look her in the eyes and show her how sincere you are.

I hope it was helpful.

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