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My Boyfriend Told His New Girlfriend That I Am His Brother's Wife- A Young Lady Reveals

A lady named Paulina Kelli who is 22 years old met her boyfriend also known as Bingo at the VIP station at Kumasi. The young man is also 21 years old and is part of the loading boys at the VIP station. Paulina said she was not having a better place to stay so she went to stay in a kiosk with Bingo when they started dating. She conceived some months later but the young man told her to abort the baby, she didn't agree with his idea but he beats her continuously till she went to do the abortion.

Two years later she again got pregnant, Bingo told her he doesn't earn enough money that can cater for the two of them, he then advised her to go to Northern region and stay with her parents till she gives birth. The lady listened to him and went to stay with her parents till she delivered, she came back to Kumasi to find out that Bingo has another girlfriend and has impregnated her too but they were not staying in the same place.

Paulina revealed that one day the other lady came to the house but her boyfriend told that lady that Paulina is his brother's wife, Paulina then went to revealed the truth to that lady. What she told the other lady made Bingo furious, he told her that she is older than him so he can't marry her, the young man then sacked her from the Kiosk they were staying in, now she doesn't have any place to stay with her child. Bingo accepted that he told Paulina she is older than him but it is because of her behaviour that made him tell her that.

He explained that Paulina was selling tea at the VIP station when they started dating but the moment he allowed her to stay at his place, she stopped going to work. Because of the love he has for the lady, he went to search for another work for her but still, she stopped doing that work within a few months. Bingo continued that he doesn't get much money from the loading work he has been doing, but his girlfriend doesn't to work and support him that's why he decided to go for another woman who is willing to work hard and support him in life.

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